T.F.C. Trophy Night 2017-18 Fishing Year

Members enjoyed a great night on Saturday, 4th August, to learn who had won the various categories of fishing for the year.

Awards were presented for:

Heaviest bream overall to Ray McIntyre  – 35cm & 0.613 kg

Heaviest flathead overall to Jenny Andrewartha – 67cm & 1.782 kg

Heaviest javelin (grunter) overall to Jenny Andrewartha – 58cm & 2.248kg

Heaviest tailor overall – Richard Binney – 41cm & 0.613kg

Heaviest whiting overall to Ray McIntyre – 36cm & 0.367kg

Heaviest fish overall (Triple tail cod) to Richard Binney – 54cm & 2.68kgi

Most species – Richard Binney – 13 species incl Ye,low fin bream, John Dory, Grass Sweetlip, River Perch, Triple tail Cod, Blue Salmon, Threadfin Salmon, Summer Whiting, Moses Perch, Black Spot Cod, Gold Spot Cod, Dusky Flathead & Tailor

Ladies Champ – 3rd Jacqui Harkins, 2nd Margaret Edwards, 1st Jenny Andrewartha

Men’s B Grade – 3rd Ken Frainey, 2nd Ray McIntyre, 1st Graham Pitt

Men’s A Grade – 3rd Richard Kuhnemann, 2nd Richard Binney, 1st Jim Andrewartha

Overall Club Champion – Jim Andrewartha with 670.22 points

Dilligaf Award – Bill McCulloch

Club Person of the Year – Pauline McIntyre.

More awards and photos and videos to come so keep checking. Some funny moments!